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The Swan 2.0 will be shown at The ScreenDance Festival in Stockholm

We are very happy to annonce the The Swan 2.0 has been selected for the ScreenDance Festival at Dansmuseet in Stockholm. Earlier this year it was shown at Dansfilmsfestivalen on Ringön, Gothenburg. It has also been selected for The Constructed Sight Dance Film Festival, Pittsburgh, and chosen as an award winner at The Black Swan Film Festival, Kalkota.

The famous ballet ”the Swan” performed by Anna Pavlova in 1905 is based on Lord Tennyson's poem "The Dying Swan”. The original concept of the piece is that the Swan has been wounded and is painfully fighting against death, but in the end, she loses her battle and dies. But the ballet is not about a swan, it is about death and the swan is simply a metaphor. According to legend, when Anna Pavlova was lying on her deathbed, her last words were, "Get my Swan costume ready. Our Swan however is not at all interested in dying. She is young, strong and dedicated to controlling her life and her future. At any cost. The Swan 2.0 Dance / choreography Anais Touret & Alex Cuadros Joglar Composer / musician Anders Ådin & Putte Johander Producer / director Jan Palmblad Photography Michael Skärström & Jan Palmblad Costume / mask: Jan Palmblad & Viveka Gren Editing Zumber Alili (NKido) & Jan Palmblad Special thanks to Pensionat Ekenäs Amanda Almén Martin Jönsson Camilla Klemming Björn Sjöstrand A Close Dance Production

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