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About Close Dance

With passion for dance, performance and film it became necessary for us to step up our efforts and create a platform for our work and for cooperations. So we started Close Dance in October 2021 to make it possible for us to work more professionally with the artform we love. We know that we are not alone, we know that so many gifted people today are creating screen dance movies . A new community is growing stronger every year and the interest in dance and filmproduktion is growing exponentially. The reason is that this artform combines different moments that are a perfect match with the modern media industry, compact, fast, sensual, youth, music, rhythm and passion.

So we want to be a part of it. And we are looking for cooperation with all kind of partners that share our passion: dancers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, songwriters, producers.... 

Follow us. Contacts us. Let's make magic together.

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