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Camilla Klemming

Camilla Klemming is educated in dance pedagogy with a higher diploma. She lives in Örebro/Sweden and works as a dance teacher in a cultural school in Vingåker and as a spa therapist in Loka brunn. She has found a huge interest in making dance short films, in front and behind the camera.

Camilla is also doing most of the editing for the Close Dance project.

Camilla has participated in performance festivals and also choreographed dance shows.

She loves to capture different moment of life portrayed in dance with the camera. She thinks that it is just absolutely

amazing. Dance and dancing is vital for her and a way to deal with all experiences and emotions in life.

Therese Lind Bjellder

Jan Palmblad

Lawyer, Legal counseller, Living on the west-coast of Sweden.

Board member of numerous companies and organisations including Stadshypoteks-föreningen i Göteborg, HIGAB, Swedish Homeowners Association, The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film, Middleearth AB, The Swedish Federation of Business Owners / Gothenburg.

Producer and creator/scriptwriter of the feature film Festival 2000-2001 and some short films including Speak to me 2003 and Pursuit of Happiness 2004.

Founder/owner of  the Art Gallery Fabriken in Gothenburg.

Documented performing arts at the Swedish Museum of Theatre 2004-2005.

Director of Information and Cultural Affairs at the Municipality of Strömstad 2005-2015.

Director of Winter Word Festival 2005-2015 and Performance Festival Live Art Strömstad 2013-2015. Director of the Art Hall Lokstallet in Strömstad 2009-2015.


Möt våra medarbetare: Möt våra medarbetare

Therese is a former Professional Musical Theatre artist. She has 10 years experience of doing various large productions in Stockholm and Gothenburg such as Sunset Boulevard, Monty Python’s Spamalot, The Producers and Rock of Ages. Before she studied 4 years at Ballet Academy in Stockholm she was competing around Sweden and Europe for over ten years in Latin American dances and Show Dance. She moved to New York in 2014 where she continued acting, studied Meisner Technique and played Off Broadway Shows for a couple of years before she decided to become a Yoga Teacher and went traveling. First to Bali and then to Costa Rica to complete her 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training. 

She is now living in Stockholm again after 5 years in New York and is teaching Yoga and managing The Lifestyle & Wellness section at Downtown Camper by Scandic in central Stockholm.

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